JUNE 2017

Dear EIC Alumni,

There has been no shortage of good fruit at our church the past few months. Often one can wonder if all the activities we do is really making a difference, as sometimes the results of our work isn’t easy to see. We always count those times when the Lord very clearly brings a harvest to reap as special, and here at EIC we can testify to seeing these blessings recently.

One special event we hosted was a talk by Noreen Riols. Noreen is a church member and a former British spy during World War 2 , and she gave a fascinating lecture on her experiences. We were able to do a good bit of promoting for the event, and the church was filled with visitors . She gave a great testimony to how her faith has helped her understand so much of what happened, and many from outside the church were able to come and be blessed by Noreen. This event had great value in helping us understand our history as well as bringing the community together.

At the end of April we had our church retreat which was entitled “Exiled Together.” The studies centered around both the blessing of being part of a multicultural churches as well as the mission that Christ has given us in our own “city of exile.” In our church’s vision statement we affirm our desire to “love the city,” and this weekend helped us discuss how that practically plays out. God’s blessing on us was evident, as it was easy to see the growth we have made as a community in seeing the gospel break down ethnic barriers and forming us together in unity .

In May we were thrilled to be able to celebrate the baptism of three in our church . The three came out of our children’s, youth, and young adult programs. It was a great encouragement to celebrate with Emmett Lewis, Manji Sebu, and Chloe Roome.

In the book of Titus 2:3-4, it is written, “Older women likewise are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers or slaves to much wine. They are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children.” In considering that verse, our women’s group had a special event where the ladies in our church invested in each other, holding practical Christian living discussions where one generation was able to speak wisdom into another.

Last update we were able to introduce the vision we have at EIC for church planting in Paris . We are moving forward with our plans to plant a second campus of EIC at l'Eglise des Ternes near Port Maillot. We have been amazed by how the Lord has blessed this in the past few months . The most recent service had 39 present, which is about half the capacity of the new location. On top of this, the offerings taken at the service each month have been enough to cover the rent for the premises . The Lord’s blessing on this vision has been overwhelming up to this point, and we continue to pray for this momentum to continue.

We would like to move forward to a twice a month service by sometime in the fall, and are praying about what it will take for us to be able to execute an every week service. Right now, we would probably need to add another capable preacher to our rotation in order to do so, so we are praying and seeking the Lord regarding this need. Yet we are optimistic, as we have seen remarkable growth in this ministry in the very limited things we have done.

In Christ

Here are a few ways your can continue to pray for us at EIC :
Children's Day :
This Saturday we are hosting our 3rd Children’s Fun Day, which operates like a Holiday Bible Club that lasts one afternoon. A volunteer team arrives this week to help us with this, and we have done a lot of publicity in the community. Please pray that this event brings new families in and that our children will come to love Jesus

Euroventure Youth Camp :
Next week our youth will leave for our annual youth camp in Grindelwald, Switzerland. God always does big things in the life of our youth during this time, so please pray that our teens will be open to the Holy Spirit working in their lives

Ternes Campus Plant :
Please pray for our church planting vision. We will need to make wise decisions about how to move forward with limited resources and a high demand. Pray also for wisdom as we make decisions about what this campus will look like

Summer Travel :
Many of our church members travel home during the summer months. Please pray for travel safety and sweet time with families and on vacation for our members.

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