We continue to grow our Family of churches vision!
We are a Family of Lights, in the City of Light!

We at EIC believe in planting new churches. Our first church plant was in Ternes in 2018, EIC Cite U will the second, and we pray there will be many more!

Paris is a great, beautiful city, with many different people. We look forward to connecting with others and helping them connect to a church community. We are grateful to be part of this family and excited to see it grow.

We are all excited to have begun this work and look forward to how God will grow it this year.

Why plant around Cite U?

Cite U is Cite Universitaire. This is a historic international student dormitory for international and cultural exchange. It houses undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world. There is an opportunity to connect with students of many nationalities and languages.
Ultimately though, the church plant is not only for students. Like any church, it's for people. The area in the south of Paris has many people. This new church plant will start around the area of Cite Universitaire to Denfert-Rochereau, to connect with people in Paris South.

What is the aim of this church plant?

First, to cultivate community in this area and connect with those who would not go to church. Yes, connecting with those who would not go to an existing church. We seek to get to know new people of different beliefs or no beliefs at all. We believe God can grow new, unique, and diverse relationships through this community. For those of us who are Christian and meet regularly, our aim is simple:  to grow in our love for God, people, the Bible & prayer. Doing so increases our vision and heart for all others around us.

How is this church part of EIC (Emmanuel International Church)?

EIC is a family of interdependent churches. EIC Rueil was the first church or "mother church." It planted EIC Ternes, and now this new church. Each church will be different, yet each church will be connected, supportive, and encouraging to the others, just like a family, in so many ways. We want to grow together, and each church flourish with the unique set of gifts God has given them.