Church in the Park


Who would’ve thought 2020 would have had such an unpredictable beginning. Few would’ve predicted in January that we would have 3 months without being able to meet publicly following a nationwide quarantine! Yet, as Christians, we recognize God’s providence in the events of our days. And, as a thankful church, we can look back with gratitude over the past few months and see how good God has been to us and grown us as a community.

As we move into this next season of Church in the Park we again venture on a path that we wouldn’t have expected. Yet while the affairs of this world are always changing and require our flexibility, we recognize that the mission of the Lord remains unchanged. Church in the Park is a new way to accomplish the old mission, as we meet to rejoice in the gospel outside for a season to keep each other safe from the virus and to continue growing in our faith. And as we continue to be on the Lord’s mission, we serve him in the eager expectation that he has good plans for his church.


Meetings will be at 11 am or 3.30 pm. Please check the location to see what time they will be meeting. Church in the Park will be a time to fellowship and pray together as well as discuss and find applications for the sermon (just as we have done in the Corona Care groups up to now).


At the Jardins du Trocadéro (EIC Ternes), communion will be shared on the first Sunday of the month (5 July and 2 August).
For the EIC Rueil locations (St Germain, Rueil, Porte Maillot and Cité U) Pastor Parker will be rotating between them and will serve communion at the group he visits from week to week.

Listen to the sermon first!

Every Sunday morning, 9.30 am there will be a time of worship with Pastor Paul Helms on Facebook and on Youtube. At 10 am, the sermon will be available on Facebook. For those meeting at 11 am, on Saturday morning you will be able to listen to the sermon on our website or on our YouTube channel. Our sermon series is "The Summer Psalms".


Here are a few safety guidelines for Church in the Park. These include the current government requirements for groups of people gathering together.

  • Maintain one meter of "social distancing" from those outside your family unit. We recommend bringing a picnic blanket and arranging them to maintain more than this distance.
  • Group size should be limited to ten people. We will circle up in groups of ten as people arrive for sermon discussion and prayer.
  • Masks must be worn on public transportation to and from the park. We recommend you wear a mask until you find a seat in the park, and people are welcome to wear masks through the entire meeting--but it's not required.

How can I stay in touch ?

If you want to know about what is happening at EIC, where you can listen to sermons, follow us on Facebook / Instagram ... click here.