Discipleship Groups

Join a D-Group

study the bible, pray and fellowship

What is a D Group?

It is a group of 3/4 people that meet weekly or fortnightly to discuss the Bible and pray.

What do you study?

Right now we are doing a study on Widsom and so we are looking at Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes.

What happens during a D Group Meeting ?

There is a time of opening prayer, followed by a study of the passage. We use the "Observation, Interpretation and Application" method. We have some accountability questions to ask eachother and then we close in prayer.

How long does it last ?

Each group decides on how long they want to meet for.

Can I get more information on the study topic ?

Yes! Every Wednesday evening, we have a post to help us with our studies. It might be a study, post or video from The Gospel Coalition, John Piper, 9Marks ... We will also put that link in the newsletter for those not on FaceBook. You can see what we have recommended here (past posts).

How can I join a group ?

Please contact the office office@eicparis.org and we will get back to you.