Home Groups

Most home groups meet every fortnight and we all use the same study material (this includes the Youth Group).

This is a great time of fellowship and we really encourage you to get involved in a home group. Please contact the office office@eicparis.org for more information on where the home groups are situated, on which day they meet and at what time.

Some groups have a meal together and some just meet for the Bible Study and prayer.

There is a home group which meets at the same time as the Youth Group - every second Friday evening. Parents can drop their youth off at their Youth Group at EIC (get more information here) and join the parents home group in Rueil.

The Filipino community have 3 home groups : 2 meet every Friday evening and one on Saturday evening in Paris. The meeting places sometimes change so the best would be to contact office@eicparis.org to get the latest information. This home group is open to everybody and not just Filipinos. Dinner is served and anyone is welcome to join.

If you would like to host a home group, please speak to Pastor Parker Windle.