Who are the Gideons ?

We are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone. Together with the local church, we reach souls for Christ.

We distribute the Word of God for free.

We are business or professional men, retired or not, 21 years or older who are members of an Evangelical or Protestant churches. Wives of Gideons can join the Gideons International Auxiliary.

We receive thousands of testimonies from people whose lives has been transformed when they have read the Bible they received.

For information, in the Paris area, there are :
1,5 million young people in High Schools and Universities
2300 hotels (150.000 rooms)
6.900 doctor’s offices
15 prisons (8000 prisoners)
1.100 retirement homes

Prayer Points

More people to be touched by the Gospel distributed
in France, and especially in the Paris area

New members and wives (there are already 4+3 in EIC)

Funds for printing scriptures

The distribution of Bibles in schools (which take place every Thursday)

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