Central Europe LEAD Team

ibc church plant

Their goal is to facilitate English Language Church Plants in Central European Cities.

In order to begin a work, study must be done on the city to determine the feasibility of starting an English Language Church there. Many studies have been done recently, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Frankfurt.



> English language work in Mannheim (near Heidelburg, Germany) started with churches amongst American military, who have since departed in 2011.

> There is still a significant need for a church here, as there are large numbers of international students and companies.

> Currently there is only one English language church in the city, which is not enough to meet the large need there.

> There is a significant refugee population in Mannheim, as the city took in almost 12,000 refugees recently.

Prayer Points

Although there is a need, wisdom is needed to determine whether Mannheim should be a priority
Pray for the existing ministries in Mannheim, particularly the ones focused on Universities

Pray that, if this work moves forward, that God will provide a planter and resources needed to start the

Pray for the LEAD team as we continue to plant new churches in Europe

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