International Baptist Convention

EIC is affiliated to the IBC and we will be taking a special offering for them on Sunday 11 December. This is how the offerings will be used and distributed:

European Baptist Mission International - 30%

Provides aid to people who are in spiritual and material need
Works in seven countries in Africa, five countries in Latin America, and India
EBM partners with churches in these countries

Together We Build - 40%

Assists IBC churches in securing facilities through the purchase of property, renovation of existing facilities, and construction of new facilities
The 2016 recipient was Immanuel Baptist Church in Wiesbaden, Germany, who used the help to get new heaters in the church without going into debt.

Aid and Relief - 30%

Support goes to the relief fund so that the IBC can send aid when urgent needs arise

Prayer Points

Pray for EBM International and their ministry to bring the gospel to these countries

Pray for the Together We Build program, that churches in need might be able to function better and spend more money on ministry because of this help

Pray for the Aid and Relief program, that we will be ready to help with the needs that arise

Pray for the Global Missions Offering, that God will be producing generous people and churches in our Convention

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