Makassar, INdonesia

Some facts

Population – 2,336,000
Largest Religion – Islam (97%)
Evangelical - .6%
Main Language - Makassar

They are primarily known for rice farming, but also adept in fishing and trade. Their houses are often built on stilts two meters above the ground.
While Islam is predominant, their beliefs are mixed with traditional beliefs in gods and ancestors. They often believe that ancestors directly affect their lives and they will have ceremonies for the harvests.

Current needs concern increasing their agricultural production and medical issues.

Prayer Points

Pray for the Christians amongst this group, as following Jesus often makes one a social outcast

Pray that other Indonesian groups who are Christian will become burdened for the Makassar

Pray for their agricultural production and medical needs, that the group does not suffer from malnutrition

Pray that key leaders amongst the Makassar will believe the gospel.

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