Some Facts

A fertile and well-watered land bordering on Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.
Capital: Bangkok
85% are Buddhist
1.5% are Christians, and only 0.5% are Evangelicals
Over 70 different ethnic groups

Prayer Points

The tribal peoples: are responding in significant numbers to the gospel after many years of hard work of missionaries. Pray that these people will continue to come to know Christ.

The Kui, Khmu and Khmer peoples: three specific tribes in the east who are still unreached.

The Golden Triangle: Opium poppies are a lucrative cash crop for most of the northern tribes. Cultivation is an acute temptation for Christians and a formidable barrier to repentance for non-believers. The narcotics trade breeds insecurity and violence. Pray for believers and missionaries in sensitive areas.

Training for tribal Christians: The ministry of Chang Rai Bible Seminary (founded by AOI) and many other Bible schools, has yielded native-planted churches among ethnic minorities in Thailand and also throughout the region.

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