Uregu Berbers, Morocco

Some Statistics :

  • Population – 71,000.
  • Languages – Tamazight, Central Atlas.
  • Religion – 99.98% Muslim (0.00% Evangelical).
  • Indigenous Group to Morocco.

MM morocco

While there has been significant resistance to Arabization amongst some Berber groups, this group has resisted less.
There have been calls to reexamine Moroccan society.
Access to this particular group is difficult and has been limited.
There are significant numbers of Berbers in the Paris area.

Prayer Points

Gospel radio and television has been fruitful in reaching North Africans. Pray for solid programming so they can hear the gospel

Pray for the few Uregu believers, that they will be encouraged and bold in their witness

Pray that the Berber groups will be able to live peacefully with their Arab neighbors

Pray that many Uregu people will come to know Jesus

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