Wycliffe Bible Translators

Their Mission and history

They ensure that people around the world have access to God’s Word in the language they understand best.
It was started in 1917 by William Cameron Townsend when he brought Spanish Bibles to Guatemala and discovered the people couldn’t understand it.
Wycliffe works in partnership with local communities and believers in order to help them identify their Bible
translation needs and achieve their goals. Depending on the needs, Wycliffe may also assist with literacy, language
documentation, Scripture use and more.

Some facts

There are 7000 languages are spoken by 7 billion people around the world.

Currently, 160 million people are still waiting for a Bible translation to begin in their language.

Bible translation can be very complex.

Specific Prayer Points

The Urat New Testaments arrived at the docks in Wewak,
Papua New Guinea, on July 21, 2016.

We give thanks as a dedication ceremony was held to celebrate the new translation!

Pray that the Urat people will hunger for God’s Word. To ensure greater use of the Scriptures, the team is conducting adult teacher training and scripture application and leadership training in the Urat community.

Ask the Lord to bring people to the courses who have a heart for this type of work.

Pray for the audio recording of the Scriptures, especially for fluent readers to record the parts and for the Lord to
coordinate the logistical details

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