Raise the Roof!

Let's Raise the Roof!

This old photo of EIC was taken in 1965 when it was just acquired. We have come a long way as a church since then, and our church building is experiencing the wear and tear that comes with supporting us in all these years of ministry. The roof in particular is struggling and is in need of replacing as you can see from the above photo. We have been experiencing leaks and are worried that further damage could be done to the building if it is not replaced soon. The new roof would also bring better insulation to the building, so this would also reduce our future heating costs.

Giving to roofs being replaced is not always the most exciting cause. It is, however, a necessary one for EIC if we are going to continue to carry out our vision to reach our city with the gospel. Please consider partnering with us in carrying out our vision through this “Raise the Roof” fundraiser.

We have 268 m2 of roof to replace which amounts to 3484 tiles and a total cost of 62 000€. If you include all of the costs that go with the work, it will average out to 20 euros per tile. Would you consider sponsoring a tile or two (or more!)?

How we are raising funds

COFFee house

Thank you to all who participated - we raised 5 500€, praise God! There were 200 spectators and an army of volunteers that made this amazing evening happen!

You can donate

Every cent helps! A tile costs 20€ so could you please sponsor a tile (or 2!)?