Young Adults

we would love to meet you

if you are passing through or staying, do join us !

Our group is always excited to meet new people, whether you are passing through Paris or planing to stay long term.

Who are we ?

We are students and young professionals (between nineteen and early thirties) living in the Paris region.

Do we study the bible together ?

We usually meet Thursday night for Bible Studies at the Eglise des Ternes in Paris. On Sunday we join the Worship services at EIC.

What about during the confinement ?

We will continue meeting! We don't want to miss out on seeing eachother! You can contact to get more infomation anout the meetings.

What do we do throughout the year ?

After Sunday church at EIC Rueil we get together for lunch and fellowship.
There are planned and impromptu fun events regularly. We also get away for occasional retreats and mission trips.

Where can I find more information ?

Check out our facebook page or meetup.
For specific questions and information please email Paul Helms