This Covid season has proved to be a challenge for everyone, but our church has shown a lot of resilience in the past few months. Each new development from lockdowns to new regulations has required that our church adapt to new conditions. In the past few months we have organized around Zoom, meetings in parks, limited church building activity and smaller groups in order to make sure that we continue to make disciples and support our members spiritually during these times. We have seen growth in the church as the adjustments we have had to make have also brought new opportunities that have enlarged our perspective about who God is and how He works amongst His people.

Currently, we are having church meetings on Zoom. While this is certainly not an ideal situation, we have found value in the way Zoom allows us to interact with each other in a way that watching sermon videos do not. Our Zoom Church services allow for times of prayer for each other, interaction with the sermons through discussion, and the joy of seeing our brother’s and sister’s faces. We are seeing new relationships form as we have the opportunity to interact with new friends around encouraging times of prayer and discussions about the gospel.

One added benefit to a Zoom meeting is that anyone can join in regardless of where they are in the world. As EIC has a large alumni group of former members who lived in Paris for a time and then moved away, we are able to welcome the greater EIC community to church. If you are a former member or have visited our church while on your trip to Paris, don’t hesitate to join us one Sunday morning!

Zoom : Come to church relationally!
This is more than just watching a sermon! This will be like our normal Sunday service with praise and worship, prayer and of course, the sermon. You will be able to participate in the discussion groups that take place after the sermon.  This is a great way for all members to be able to still invest in each other’s lives as well as invite new guests and visitors to our church.
11 am Worship Service

The Zoom session will be opened a few minutes before 11 am. The link will be the same every Sunday : Meeting ID: 828 6065 1482
Passcode: 862055.


If you don't know how to use Zoom, please contact us office@eicparis.org and we will help you so that you will be able to connect and join us.