EIC Ternes was launched as a church plant on Easter Sunday, 2018.  Ministry in a new church plant primarily looks like being generous with our time and investing in relationships.  This normally happens as a whole community together, but we do also see a place for age-based ministry.  Because we belong to family of churches, EIC Ternes will share some these ministries with EIC Rueil.

Young Adults

Young Adults are some of the most fun, diverse, and lively groups in International Churches.  The Young Adult Group meets at EIC Ternes most Thursday evenings.


The larger EIC church family enjoys one of the best English-speaking youth ministries in the city, with a dedicated Youth Paster, Justin Hendricks.  Our Youth Group meets fortnightly at EIC Rueil.


We want children to feel fully a part of everything we do as a church, including our times of worship and fellowship.  We are also open to restructuring our time together around the particular needs of our people.  There is a creche area downstairs with toys that is always available during the worship service.  Also, there are times of children-focused teaching and games in the park which applies the message we've heard on an age-appropriate level.