What we believe

Who are we?

A thankful church in Paris.
Worshiping Jesus.
Trusting the Bible.
Believing the gospel.
Loving the city.

Vision Statement

Emmanuel International Church is committed to providing English language ministry to glorify God in the culturally rich and global region of Paris. Out of grateful hearts that have been transformed by Him both individually and as a community, we worship Jesus believing that he died for our sins and rose again in triumph over death.
We are committed to the witness of the Bible, believing it is completely trustworthy and sufficient for teaching us about God and ourselves. This commitment motivates us to grow together in Christ and equips us for every good work.
Therefore, we strive to love our city and our world, seeking to bring them this precious gospel because of the peace and redemption that it brings.

We ARE ...


Our beliefs adhere to the historic Christian faith, particularly in the doctrine of the Trinity and in the person of Christ


Our beliefs are in line with the Protestant tradition, particularly in the convictions that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone.


Our beliefs are in line with the evangelical tradition, particularly in our emphasis on the gospel as the only way for salvation, the conviction that each individual must be “born again,” and that the Bible is the sufficient, inspired and inerrant word of God.


Our interpretations of Scripture are in line with the Baptist tradition, particularly concerning believers baptism and the autonomy of the local church.



We are a church that celebrates the diversity of people who attend, differences that include national, cultural, economic and linguistical backgrounds.


We are a church that shares a common “international” culture. The diversity of many backgrounds coming together creates a God-glorifying international flavor that is rooted in gospel belief.


We are a church that is proud to offer worship in the English language. We recognize that many move to France without yet speaking French. We also recognize that many people feel comfortable worshiping God in English. We see that one of our main roles in our city is to offer a gospel-centered church for this population.


We are proud to be a Paris region church. We embrace France, the French people, and the beautiful region of Paris that is home for us. We work alongside other French churches and missions in order to seek the peace of the city where God has placed us.


We are affiliated with the International Baptist Convention (IBC) and the Fédération des Eglises Evangéliques Baptistes de France (FEEB).
We adhere to the International Baptist Convention (IBC) - click here for their Core Values.
We are also affiliated to the Fédération des Eglises Evalgeliques Baptistes de France (FEEBF)

How do I become a Christian ?

We suggest you watch this short video on Youtube which explains why we need Christ and how to pray. If you live in the neighbourhood, we invite you to visit our church so that someone can talk to you about this very important decision.