Rueil Sunday Services

10 & 11.30 am Worship & Zoom

Our Worship services

The Sunday morning service is filled with praise and worship with contemporary and traditional music.The pastor's messages are Bible based and Christ centered, founded on the belief that the gospel can change lives. We will be streaming live at 11.30 am every Sunday and you can join us via Zoom if you are not coming to the service in the sanctuary.

Services in the sanctuary

Sunday School

Sunday School will take place during the 11.30 am service. Please drop your children off at the wooden door before entering the sanctuary where they will be met by a Sunday School teacher. Children will be taken to the front of the church after the service where you can pick them up.


The Youth Group will start again on the 18th April. They go straight to the Youth Loft at 11.30 am. Jaime and Anabel keep in touch with Youth parents via email (please contact them with all the latest news, meeting dates and youth related activities.

Eventbrite sign ups

Every Monday, we will put out a link for you to be able to register to sign up for the services at EIC. We are trying to put in a fair system where people who are wait-listed one week, get priority the next week. All the information is on the signup form.

COVID protocols

We are following all the regulations and restrictions put in place by the government.
If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you and your household should isolate at home. Please contact us if you are tested positive and have attended a service in the last week.If you are over 11 years old, always wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose. Keep a distance of 1.5 m between people from different households. Use hand sanitizer up on entering the property and exiting the toilet. Please respect the one way system through the church. You are responsible for supervising your children at all times and in line with social distancing guidelines.

Zoom services

Our Zoom Church services are streamed from the sanctuary for those who would prefer not to come to church in the current circumstances or who were unable to sign up. There is interaction with others through discussion, and the joy of seeing our brother’s and sister’s faces. We have seen new relationships form over the last few months as we have the opportunity to interact with new friends around encouraging times of prayer and discussions about the gospel.

Zoom link

The Zoom session will be opened a few minutes before 11.30 am. The link (here) will be the same every Sunday : Meeting ID: 828 6065 1482, Passcode: 862055.