Jeff Walters

Jeff joined EIC as the pastor of Rueil in October 2023

Paul Helms

Paul, our pastor at EIC Ternes, arrived in Paris with his family in August 2019 as our Church Planting Resident.

John Hugh Tate

John Hugh is the pastor of EIC Rive Gauche which was planted in April 2022


Elias Atlabachew, President

Elias Atlabachew is originally from Ethiopia and lived in Belgium for many years. He and his wife Alem joined EIC in 2010 when they moved to France with their four sons. Elias is a Civil and Computer Engineer working for a multinational company as a Solutions Architect.

Hilda Amoah, Treasurer

Hilda Amoah has been an EIC member since 2003 and is originally from Ghana. She lives in Colombes and has 3 adult children, Nicolas, Julian and Edna. She studied accounting and currently works as an accountant for Ribbon Communications France

Nicky Raynaud de Fitte, Church Secretary

Nicky is South African and is married to Christophe who is French and they have 4 children.  They lived in Sydney for a few years, and now live in Rueil Malmaison. She is a volunteer at EIC and helps manages the media and website and is also responsible for the maintenance of the church building.

Anabel Boduen, Bookkeeper

Anabel is from Venezuela and is married to Jaime. They came to France 6 years ago and joined EIC in 2019. They both serve the church as Youth Group Leaders. Anabel studied some accounting, and she is currently studying graphic design.