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5 February

As our D-Groups continue their study of wisdom literature, see this introductory video to the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible Project.

12 February

In this video, John Piper discusses the importance of finding an objective meaning according to the intent of the author asa we are in our interpretation stage of Bible reading.

19 February

As you study Ecclesiastes in your D-Groups, there can be an overwhelming sense of pessimism as you toil through the chapters. Yet, as Phillip Ryken observes, “The final message of Ecclesiastes is not that nothing matters . . . but that everything matters.” See how he explains this thought in the article below.

26 February

Ecclesiastes can be a heavy group to study. This helpful video from the Bible Project helps us see this book in context of the wisdom books.

4 March

In this article Robert Kinney gives us some helpful thoughts to keep in mind as we approach our Bible reading, especially as we consider moving from the observation stage into the interpretation stage.

11 March

In this video, Matt Chandler helps us understand the dangers of approaching the Bible merely with a “roadmap to life” mentality. It helps us understand the centrality of the gospel as we approach reading the Scriptures.

18 March

Are you struggling to find spiritual benefit from your Bible reading time? If so, it can often be linked to divorcing prayer from Bible reading. In this article, Matt Smethurst humbly reminds us of the benefits of prayer as we approach our daily Bible reading.

25 March

The book of Job is one of the most challenging books to read, yet there are deep, comforting truths found there. As our D-Groups move into this book, watch this helpful video as an introduction.

1 April

One of the important things to keep in mind when interpreting the Bible is to read all scripture in light of Christ. In this article, Laura Baxter helps us do this in the book of Job.

8 April

Here is John Piper’s next video in his series on the importance of understanding the author’s intent in Bible reading. This, he argues, allows God to communicate to us for our joy.