Home Groups

Join a homegroup near you

study the bible, pray and fellowship

How often do you meet ?

Most home groups meet every fortnight and we all use the same study material (this includes the Youth Group).

Are children welcome ?

There is a child friendly Homegroup that meets on the weekend so that parents can meet up easily without having to organise child minding.

What about the Youth ?

When the Youth meet for their Youth Group, there is a Homegroup at the same time for the parents. So you can drop your youth off and join the other parents at a Homegroup nearby. We will be studing the same material as the Youth.

Why should I join a Homegroup ?

This is a great time of fellowship and an excellent way to get to know others. We really encourage you to get involved !

What happens at Homegroup ?

You will receive the study material beforehand to give you time to prepare and reflect. At Homegroup, we all go through the Bible study together and there is also a time of prayer. Some Homegroups meet before for a meal.

How can I find a Homegroup near me ?

Please contact the office office@eicparis.org for more information on where the home groups are situated, on which day they meet and at what time.

Can I host a group ?

Yes ! Please contact the office office@eicparis.org or speak to Patsor Parker Windle or Pastor Justin Hendriks.