Homeless Shelter


The Mission is on rue Sainte-Marthe, Paris 10. Meals are served by volunteers who come from protestant churches in the Paris area.
The Mission has 2 special characteristics:
1. It is the only shelter in Paris where the gospel is preached before serving the meal.
2. The Mission stays open all the year while the other shelters close some months.
They offer:
Breakfast and evenings meals.
Lunch on Saturdays.
Bible studies.
Sunday service followed by breakfast.
Showers, haircuts, basic medical care, clothing. Legal advice, & domiciliation (address for their mail).
The Mission publishes a magazine ‘’Lumière dans Paris’’.


The Mission’s finances are exclusively provided by donations.
EIC has had a partnership with the Mission since 2009.
This includes some financial support as well as providing a team volunteers who go to the Mission two Saturdays per month. The team includes : people who take turns to prepare a message for the homeless guests and others who serve the meals.

Prayer Points

As we serve our homeless friends we reveal the love of Jesus
The Holy Spirit would inspire our speakers as they share the gospel, and that the messages are given with clarity, authenticity and sincerity
More volunteers to join the EIC team
Financial offerings to cover the mission’s needs
Spiritual commitment of the Mission staff

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