Paris church planting

Paris has a population of over 2 million and there are over 12 million people in the Isle de France. About 18% of the population of Paris were not born in France.
These numbers don’t include people illegally in France, which would augment those statistics.
It is consistently one of the top tourist destinations in the world, receiving 32 million visitors in 2013.
With these kind of numbers, we need many more churches to reach the city.

Church Planting Project

Paris is a priority location for the International Baptist Convention and there is a need for more gospel-centered English language churches in Paris.
A project started on the 18 September at L’Eglise des Ternes in Paris, and EIC hopes to partner with it in the future.

Prayer Points

Pray for Josh Apieczonek, as he leads the service that starts today

Pray for our church that it will have wisdom in knowing how to support the work for new English language work in Paris

Pray for the IBC as we try to determine the wisest way to use our resources

Pray that we will reach new English speakers with the gospel

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