The Kinnaura People of India

More than 60,000 Kinnaura people inhabit extremely high-altitude locations in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Their traditional occupations are agriculture, trade, and sheep rearing.
Their religions are a mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism (0 % Evangelical in 1981). A more recent survey identified 140 Christians among this people.
It is a complicated people group, as even within their small number there are 4 different languages.
They have a low literacy rate, which means ministry needs to focus on oral communication.

There is no complete Bible in the main language, but there are portion of it translated as well as the Jesus film.

Prayer Points

Pray that the Kinnaura people will be able to take care of their families

Pray that the Christians amongst this group will be able to grow in their faith and have boldness to share the gospel with others

Pray that God would send Christian missionaries to this group

Pray that more adequate materials may be produced to be able to share the gospel in their language

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