Welcome ! We really hope to meet you ! In these difficult times, we need each other more than ever.

We have 2 churches meeting this Sunday :

EIC Ternes will meet in a park near Porte Maillot, Paris. There is no sign up required but if you let us know that you will be coming, we will look out for you. Get the meeting information below.

EIC Rueil will be going back to their building after a couple of months of meeting in parks. Sign up is required but this Sunday the places were all taken in a couple of hours. BUT we have reserved places for newcomers, so please do come! You can just arrive or let us know office@eicparis.org


This Sunday EIC Ternes will be meeting at Porte Maillot at 3.30 pm. You can get all the information you need here.


EIC Rueil Malmaison will be returning to the building this Sunday. for one service at 11 am. There was a sign up as we can only welcome a limited amount of people in the sanctuary to enable us to respect social distancing, but the places were taken in a couple of hours.

We want the system to be fair to everyone, so we will make sure that you can get to a service if you are unable to sign up. We have a waitlist option on the sign up and if you are waitlisted, you get to sign up first to the next service. Here is the link to this Sundays (already full) service, but you will see the waitlist option.

But, you can still come to church relationally! Knowing we are unable to welcome everyone in the building, we want to ensure that everyone can still be present with the church relationally (even if they can’t physically). This is why we would like to invite you to join our services live on Sunday morning via zoom. This will be more than just watching a sermon! You will be able to participate in the singing as well as in the discussion groups that we plan to incorporate in the services based on lessons we learned during our "Church in the Park” experience. This is a great way for all members to be able to still invest in each other’s lives as well as invite new guests and visitors to our church. Are you new in Paris and shopping for a church but hesitant about Covid concerns? This option is perfect for you. Are you unable to come because you are higher risk? Again, you can participate with us in community life online. You can join us via this link : password : 160431.