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10 & 11.30 AM

3.30 pm
sunday service EIC TERNES

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10 & 11.30 AM

3.30 pm
sunday service EIC TERNES

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Sunday service EIC RUEIL & TERNES

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Thanksgiving 4 november

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Sunday Sermons

Listen to our sermons



11 am Zoom worship service


Our services


The Sunday morning service is filled with praise and worship with contemporary and traditional music.
The pastor's messages are Bible based and Christ centered, founded on the belief that the gospel can change lives.


COVID protocols


We are following all the regulations and restrictions put in place by the government.


If you have symptoms of COVID-19 (cough and/or high temperature) you and your household should isolate at home. Please contact us if you are tested positive and have attended a service in the last 3 weeks.If you are over 11 years old, always wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose, except when drinking.Keep a distance of 1.5 m between people from different households.Use hand sanitizer up on entering the property and exiting the toilet.If you are classified as clinically vulnerable, you should follow government guidelines.Please respect the one way system through the church. There is only one entrance, and you exit through the fellowship hall. If you use the toilets and wish to return to the sanctuary, please exit through the fellowship hall and return through the main entrance.You are responsible for supervising your children at all times and in line with social distancing guidelines.


Sunday School


Sunday School will start up mid October. The web site will be updated with the information.


Before joining the service, please drop children off at the wooden door where they will be welcomed by a Sunday School teacher who will take them to their class. They will meet parents in the parking after the service.


Eventbrite Signups


Each week we will put out a link for you to be able to register here. We are trying to put in a fair system where people who are waitlisted one week, get priority the next week. All the information is on the signup form. There are some frequently asked questions on this page (sign ups, wait listing, zoom meetings..).




There are opportunities to serve on these Sunday morning teams: music, AV, ushers, Sunday School teachers & helpers. Contact our office to see how you can get involved.


Time changes


Service times may change during holiday periods. That information will also be provided via the EIC Newsletter and EIC Facebook page.


French service


There is a service in French at 5.00 pm. This service is run by our sister church Eglise Baptise Emmanuel. Visit for more information.




Click here for directions and maps.


There are 2 Sunday services :

10 AM Worship Service

There is a nursery (0 – 2 years). There is no Sunday School during this service but it is a child friendly service and we welcome children in the service and provide activities to keep them occupied.

11.30 AM Worship Service

There is a nursery (0 – 2 years) and Children's Sunday school (3 -11 years). Youth (12 – 18 years) have a Bible study during this service.


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Sunday services :

EIC RUEIL :10 am & 11.30 am

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EIC TERNES (1 April) : 3.30 pm /strong>

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Seek the peace of the city and pray to the Lord on its behalf

Jeremiah 29:7

Join us at 11 AM this sunday, 3 September !

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Some upcoming dates :


6    Friday :        Alpha for Youth - Why and How do I read the Bible ?
20   Friday :       Alpha for Youth - How does God guide us ?
21   Saturday :   Fun Day, info coming soon


3   Friday :          Alpha for Youth - Who is the Holy Spirit and what does He do ?
4   Saturday :     Euroventure Fundraiser Night
17 Friday :          Alpha for Youth - What about the church and telling others ?


2 - 7 :                   Interlaken IBC camp : click here for more info !
8    Friday :         Youth Group
22  Friday :         Youth Group
31  Sunday :       Sunday service led by our Youth.


Happy holidays ! Looking forward to seeing you at the rentrée when our activities will resume.

Click here for directions and maps.

Meet our Sunday Service Leaders


Parker is our pastor and he leads both of our Sunday Services


Deji leads the worship team in praise and worship

1 Friday Fusion  
10 Saturday alpha for youth  
20 Friday Alpha for youth  
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13 April

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Meet our team who leads our Sunday Services


Deji leads the worship team in praise and worship


Parker is our pastor and he leads our 2 Sunday Services




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Our church has a well organised dynamic Filipino community. They have a Friday evening Bible study group in Paris (contact Bernadette DeLosSantos for more information 06 58 03 58 53) There are also sports and social activities.

For more information, please email

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How you can give to EIC

cash in the offering plate

We prefer to receive Euros only, but US dollars will also be accepted. Please note that we are unable to provide you with a statement for tax declaration purposes for cash received in the offering plate (even if it is in an envelope with your name).

check in Euros

This easily enables us to record your contribution. We can then provide you with an annual giving statement for your tax declaration.
Make check payable to “Emmanuel International Church” or “EIC".

Online Euro Giving

Make a secure on-line offering or donation to EIC with your bank card: all transactions go through Credit Mutuel’s secured server. For French tax payers, the bank will provide a giving statement for your annual tax declaration. Click here

Bank transfer from your French account

Please see our bank details below for setting up an automatic bank transfer. Be sure to identify it as your offering to "EIC Rueil".
Nom de la Banque: Crédit Mutuel
Banque: 10278
Guichet: 06081
N° de compte: 00020945941
Clé: 68

IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
FR76 1027 8060 8100 0209 4594 168
BIC (Bank Identifier Code)

check in $US

This is made possible through the International Baptist Church Ministries in the US. Make your $US check payable to “IBCM”, noting in the memo line “EIC Paris”. You can put this $US check in the collection plate or mail it to IBCM in the US (IBCM Inc, PO Box 833276, Richardson, TX 75083-3276). They will provide a statement for US income tax purposes at year-end. You can obtain additional information on IBCM on their website:

Online US dollar giving

Make a secure online donation with your bank card through a PayPal link on the International Baptist Church Ministries (IBCM) website.The designated church is "Emmanuel IC-Paris". IBCM will send you a statement for tax declaration purposes. Click here